1. I’ve moved!

    I moved over to blogger - so please come say hi at http://gepandglitter.blogspot.com : )


  2. This past weekend P. and I went whale watching out of Boston Harbor. Neither of us had ever been- despite living here our whole lives! It was $45 a person, lasted 4 hours or so, and was so worth it!
    The photos don't do justice - the whole day was AMAZING and we got SO close to the whales!!
    I can't recommend whale watching enough! I want to go again next weekend!
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    It was a long trip though, and P. and I couldn't help getting a bit sleepy on the way home : )

  3. Looking for a new iPhone case? Here are some of the coolest ones I have found.  I am especially dying for the #popfizzleclink Kate Spade case.  The Kate Spade ‘Airmail’ case is the one I currently have and I cannot explain how often it gets complimented! Even by guys! (who would have thought they even noticed phone cases?!)

    Polyvore’s links get kind of messed up when I post these sets, but in order from left to right, top to bottom, the designers are: Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade , Betsey Johnson, Forever 21, Noir Jewelry, Kate Spade, and Kate Spade.

    As you can tell I love the Kate Spade cases! There are a ton of cute ones, so definitely check out her other ones! Also Tory Burch has some great cases (I have an awesome leopard print one by her). Society6 has some really cool artsy ones, and Etsy has some adorable monogrammed/personalized cases.

    Happy texting!!


  4. These are the things I currently cannot live without!
    1.The Aldo wedges are my absolute favorite right now - I have worn them the last 10 times I’ve gone out.  So comfy, so easy to walk in, and they look amazing with everything! Aldo Odilinia wedges
    2. ’Butler Please’ nail polish by Essie. Perfect bright ocean color. I looove this. Other Essie favs for summer: ‘Bikini so Tiny’ and ‘Sunday Funday’ http://www.essie.com/
    3. This bag from Forever 21 is so cute and holds everything.  I love the studs - makes me look a tad edgy and punk-cool! Forever 21 handbag
    4. Just got this mineralizing bronzer from Mac.  It is the most natural bronzer I’ve had in a while - but it is very lightly packed so I have to be careful to just barely touch my brush to the powder or I will look like I have been in the booth for weeks! Mac bronzer
    5. If you guys haven’t read the Alchemist you must ready it! (I know I’m a little late with this because it was super popular a few years ago).  I read it in 2 days and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Super fantastical and thought provoking. BARNES & NOBLE | The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, HarperCollins… 
    6. My actual Sperry’s are about 6 years old and a lime green color which they apparently don’t make anymore - but the blue is great too! I wear them everywhere and the leather Sperry’s can get dirty, wet, you name it, without getting ruined.  My 6 year olds still look fantastic and they get sprayed by the hose at least once a day when I’m in my garden. Sperry Top-Sider School Spirit Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

  5. My current hunter boots are looking a bit rough. I’ve had them for years and abused them plenty with constant barn work.  Soo my mother treated me to the shiny new Rigley boot by Hunter.  I will be not be wearing these to the barn anytime soon! Though I do think these would really make perfect riding boots for rainy days ….oh well!


  6. This past weekend I was invited to a fabulous party on a private island off of Cape Cod. After a cloudy morning, the sun came out for a gorgeous afternoon!
    I met this guy, Gunther, and we became quick friends.
    Then we all mosied down to the beach for a quick swim
    There was even a boat load of beer up at the house!
    The afternoon turned into a gorgeous evening and we all got ready for the main event - a Doobie Brothers concert!
    They were amazing! And P. and I even got to talk to them after the concert for hours! We had a blast, and danced our feet off until morning!

  7. My New Obsession…

    I am absolutely dying for the “Harrow” boot by Rag & Bone. Every color is adorable. I think I like this best though! Will have to start seriously saving for these puppies. 



  8. Picking flowers from my yard for my mom's birthday tomorrow! Nothing like homemade flower arrangements!
    The first bloom of the year in my own little garden.

  9. Taking the Plunge…

    I’ve thought about starting a blog forever, and after way too long of thinking but not doing, I am taking the plunge! 


  10. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
    — Confucius